Women's Voices 2023-2024: Women from the community theater workshop

Workshop animators: Angeliki Kasola and Irini Mela. Participants: Eftihia Maria Rodopoulou, Vana Papasimaki, Ourania, Anna Anastasopoulou, Mary Trakaki, Mary Lipkovits, Garygallia Marouli, Demetra Papadimitriou, Vanessa Garland, Eleni Linardopoulou Athina Koumarianou

theater that unites women and gives them voice

After issuing an open call for our annual theater workshop for non-actors, we were delighted to have 11 women respond, and we kicked off our weekly meetings every Wednesday in our Athens studio in November 2023.

During these sessions, we engage in theatre games, improvisation, and the learning of acting and performance skills. Simultaneously, we delve into discussions about our emotions, sharing experiences, stories, biographies, and the challenges we have faced and continue to face as women.  Throughout our time together, we have shared laughter, tears, silences, pain, fears, hopes, and aspirations. We have also exchanged ideas on how our world could be a better place for all. The strong bond within our group has cultivated an atmosphere where joy prevails during our gatherings.

Currently, we have entered a highly creative phase in our collective work. Each woman has crafted a personal narrative to share with the world, and a co-created performance is beginning to take shape. The scenography, costumes, audio environment, and music are all in development, with the women themselves actively involved in these creative aspects.

Our role as animators is to guide and support this co-creation process. In our capacity as theatre artists, we aim to synthesize the diverse contributions made by the women, transforming them into a cohesive and empowering performance for both participants and audiences alike. Our primary objective is to serve and amplify the participants' visions rather than imposing our own. This approach ensures that the performance becomes a truly unique space for free and empowered expression, reflective of the collective creativity and individual voices within the group.

Excitingly, we are in the planning stages to present the first edition of this communal creation to the public towards the end of April 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Wishes for 2024 from the women in our community theater workshop group

a rich journey of self-exploration and collective creativity

a commitment to fostering a safe space for free, inclusive and empowered expression and the creation of strong bonds between the participants

a holistic approach that goes beyond teaching acting techniques and theatre production skills needed for the final performance but about the transformative journey and the impact it has on the participants throughout the whole process

”I approached the group out of admiration for the talent of the teachers, with the sole intention of helping them with set design as a visual artist. There I met warm people with an innovative system of teaching and without realizing it, I found myself on the stage. Conveying the full range of my emotions through poetic language and theatrical art, I discovered the magic of two-way communication with the audience, and with the members of the group, which was bound by deep ties based on artistic partnership. After my many years in the group I can only say this is the most beautiful experience I have ever had.”

- Eftyhia Maria Rodopoulou

”Restart Theater Athens always feels like summer!!!! Sun... Light... Sea... Infinity... Love... Creation...”

-Garyfalia Marouli

”The theatre has always been in my searches. I attended many performances every year and I dreamt that I too could be a part of them. So I found myself in this group to seek the destination with my fellow travelers... but what matters is the journey and the road is well known by Angeliki Kasola and Irini Mela.
Restart Theater Athens We can be free! We can learn how to fly!.”

- Anna Anastasopoulou

”Restart Theater Athens The smell of freshly wet earth, the first grey of the day, the dark blue of the sea, the departure and the return. A sweet smile, a tender embrace ... The first rain that drives away the summer, an old path that brings new things... Beautiful words, words, hugs, the smell of freshly roasted coffee Autumn reflections.”

- Mary Lipkovits

”6-7 years ago... perhaps more than that, a friend who was attending the theatre workshop suggested that I go and attend one day and get an idea of the classes... Well, that was it! I got hooked and after having been permanently backstage, I stepped on the stage and finally became the star of my own life"!!! As for Angeliki and Irini there are no words... talented wonderful teachers and people. I love Restart Theater!!!”

-Dimitra Papadimitriou

”Restart Theater Athens From different lives, from different professions, from all ages. Between texts, memories, coffees, lights, music, impasses, objects, teachings, the beehive builds its vessel for a brief journey.”

-Mary Trakaki

”I could write a lot about the almost fictional way in which I was brought close to my beloved teacher Irene and my beloved Angeliki shortly afterwards, but perhaps more important is to mention what I learned. Our life is a theatrical performance with many acts, some we choose and some we don't. Participating in a theatre group like this one is our choice which adds time in our lives to create, explore, learn and play, but also to love, accept and evolve... all of which ultimately bring us closer to the beauty of life.”

-Vanessa Garland

What our community members have to say about working with us

”A theatrical workshop with impeccable teaching by people with genuine Knowledge, Love and Respect for the theatre, whom you trust with your soul, from the first time you meet them, to take you on a journey through the streets and beautiful paths that only the theatre knows, and together with the amazing team they have created, you feel that you are in a big warm HUG!!!”

-Athena Koumarianou

”Restart Theater Athens is a source of energy, vitality, joy, emotion, joy, connection, expression of emotions... To be in this theatrical workshop is as precious as the super talented, brilliant teachers... Angeliki Kasola and Irini Mela with their teaching, knowledge and expertise make it a pleasure to be with them, as you learn to evolve and become better at all levels... The light they transmit bathes you with so many emotions and virtues...”

-Vana Papasimaki