Do you believe theater can change the world?

Are you fed up by not being heard, seen, given no space to expand, grow, learn, research, experiment, practice?

Hey, theater creators

... actors, directors, writers, performers, designers, composers, managers, producers, organizers, promoters, stage assistants...we want to get to know you if

do you believe there is more, more, more to this great ancient art than what you are experiencing?

So were we when we decided to forge an independent route, do our own thing our way, and decided to open roads where the walls used to stand ... You just need to think outside of the box... That's what we said to ourselves when all doors seemed to be closed, our dreams impossibilities, the harsh realities of our craft bringing us down. Yes, we know first hand how theater creators can be stuck and disillusioned as the time passes... and how our thinking about ourselves and what is possible for us gets shrunk inside a tiny tiny box of limitations inherited from all around.. BREAK IT!

It certainly has changed ours and the world of all the people we have touched with our work in the last 20 years

let us know what you are doing or how we can be of assistance to you at