Conscious Independent Theater Creators - Empowered Citizens - Activated Communities- Sustainable Societies

"As women creators, attuned to the imperative of safeguarding life on our planet, our objective is to contribute to the establishment of an alternative theatre culture. In this culture, the theatre creator and producer actively, consciously, and exemplarily engage as allies and animators of society, dedicated to serving the community and fostering a better future for all.


  1. Cultivating a Sustainable Future:

    • Cultivating an ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable future through theatre art for a more peaceful, democratic, and fairer world (p.2).

  2. Promoting Independent Creation and Innovation:

    • Developing independent creation, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the theatre and culture domain for personal, communal benefit, and social well-being. This is achieved through the axis "CONSCIOUS INDEPENDENT THEATER CREATORS - EMPOWERED CITIZENS - ACTIVATED COMMUNITIES - SUSTAINABLE SOCIETIES" (1/ p.5).

  3. Supporting Conscious Theatre Creators:

    • Providing a supportive environment for conscious theatre creators, especially women, to engage in research, experimentation, practical application, and production. This assistance aims to foster dynamic and innovative development in axes such as start-up, re-start, development, and sustainability through ongoing experimental alternative theatre education and training (2,3,6,8 condensed, p. 5-6).

  4. Expanding Theatrical Audiences:

    • Initiating, developing, and expanding new theatrical audiences as an exit strategy from an ongoing professional and financial crisis, continual unemployment, and insufficient funding (p.4).

  5. Community Theatre Projects for Mutual Benefit:

    • Implementing applied community theatre projects that facilitate a mutually beneficial interaction between theatre artists and members of a society/community/collectivity. The projects are based on mutual respect and reciprocity, proposing new models of co-creation to help both sides live better lives and contribute to creating a better world (9, p.6).

  6. Theoretical and Experimental Research for Empowerment:

    • Conducting ongoing theoretical and experimental research into theatre for the community, social theatre, and theatre of exchange. Practical application through performance productions, festivals, and exchanges highlights and promotes the capacity of theatrical art/performance to empower individuals and communities of diverse backgrounds. This empowers them to create bonds of friendship, empathy, and reciprocity, initiating or expanding grassroots social networks and independent institutions and structures that may endure long after the end of the performance event (10, p. 6-7).

These aims and objectives are outlined in Article 4, pages 2-13/26.

from our founding constitution:


Leading by positive example, humanitarianism,philanthropy, strength of character, altruism, benevolence, non-conformity, influence, tolerance, inclusion, equality, humility, generosity, discernment, honesty, freedom of expression, justice, equal rights, democracy, charity, active participation, empowerment, co-creation, solidarity

Angeliki Kasola

Founder/Artistic DIrector

Irini Mela

Founding Member/ Actress

Quality, not quantity

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

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